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Corti Thursday #15

Safety in the mountains is essential, which is why we are offering you, in collaboration with @mammut.france, a theoretical course on the use of equipment (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel and airbag), so that you can go skiing in complete safety this winter. Led by @gary_ozeray, a professional mountain guide, this workshop will give you all the advice you need to acquire a better understanding of the...
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Corti Thursday #13

🩹Special Kiné evening 🩹 Thursday November 30 at 7pm, come and learn how to optimize your climbing warm-up and test it in practice: Remember to bring your personal elastics and mats (but we'll have several as a back-up) 💪 This session will be followed by a strapping workshop with Lisa in January! We look forward to seeing you there...
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Corti Thursday #12

🧗Soirée Method'Man 🧗‍♀️ He's back on Thursday November 23rd! If you're stuck on a project, or just need some guidance on a new block, Method'Man is here for you! Come and ask him for advice during your session, and he'll be on hand to help you all evening.

Corti Thursday #11

🖼️ Vernissage - Kouah presents "Entre deux mondes" 🖼️ Thursday November 16 at 7pm, come and discover the world of illustrator Solène Chirossel, through her collection "Entre deux mondes". In her new series, she tackles other environments, as well as more committed and human themes. Her watchwords are rapprochement and balance with...
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Corti Thursday #10

🎥 Screening - "Les Ecrins - Format Familial" 🎥 This Thursday, November 9, come and discover Charles_Dubouloz's new adventure, at the heart of a new short film! The mountaineering prodigy will present his 13-day traverse of the Ecrins massif, accompanied by Antoine.Mesnage and Millet_Moutain. 13 days of freesoloing and sharing...
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Corti Thursday #9

🥾Yard sale alert 🧥 Our lost and found chests are bursting at the seams! All these unclaimed objects need new owners! We're holding a yard sale this Thursday, November 2. Clothes, shoes, harnesses, water bottles... come and find what you're looking for, and pay waht you like. Everything...
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Corti Thursday #8

🩹Special Physiotherapist evening 🩹 This Thursday, come massively to benefit from pieces of advice from Lisa, a climbing physiotherapist. A member of the French climbing team staff, she's also Corti's new neighbor in the physiotherapists' practice! On the menufor this first session: This session will be followed by two evenings with Lisa...
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Corti Thursday #7

🧗Session grimpe et discusion Yambi🗣️ Thursday, October 19 from 5pm, come and share a climbing session with members of the @yambi.asso association! An opportunity to exchange ideas and share a convivial moment around our common passion for climbing and the mountains! 🌍

Corti Thursday #6

Michel Lanne, a key figure in French trail running, needs no introduction. This time, with the help of his mate Nico Favre, he has cooked up a rather special episode of his Fringale webseries. The project: to link two of Haute Savoie's most famous landmarks on foot, namely the "flaque d'Annecy" and the "gros...
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Corti Thursday #5