Practical information


Parc Activité des Longeray, Metz-Tessy, EPAGNY METZ-TESSY - Annecy Nord (Behind the BOTANIC store)

Telephone :

04 58 02 01 36

Timetable :

Monday: 10am - 10pm
Tuesday: 10am - 11pm
Wednesday: 9am - 10pm
Thursday: 10am - 11pm
Friday: 10am - 10pm
Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: 9am - 7pm

Time Flash :

November 11: 09h-19h

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Instagram : cortigrimpe
Facebook: cortigrimpe
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Monday to Saturday : Lines 6, 10 and 11 > Stop: Metz Routes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 > Stop: Hôpital

Sundays and public holidays: Line L > Stop : Metz Line J > Stop : Hôpital => Sibra

Don't hesitate to come by bike, it's good for your calves and the planet!

=> Ville d'Annecy - By bike

Or come by private jet from the airport

The spaces

Cortigrimpe74 is spread over 3 floors, and has 8 climbing areas.

On the ground floor

- KIDS ZONE: An area for children aged 4 to 8 (under parental supervision and responsibility).

- BIG WALL and LITTLE BIG WALL: Two roped zones, 10 m and 8 m high respectively. They are equipped with 4 self-belaying systems, so you can climb independently.
- An EXTERIOR WALL 10 metres high.
On the first floor

- LES ARAVIS: an area of 4-metre-high boulders.

- THE TUNNEL: links up with the PAN room thanks to the circuit starters (long series of movements, often traversing).

- LES RÉTAS: a 3.5-metre-high bouldering area with recovery facilities.

- FORCLAZ and SAPEY: a bright 250m² block area with two moonboards and numerous armchairs.
On the second floor

- The PAN room and its SPECIFIC MUSCULATION area (Monkey Space and pan Gullich).

- LA GROTTE: suitable for beginners and climbers under 1.50 m tall.

Conditions of access to the room - Security

The safety of our climbers is our priority. Bouldering, top-roping, lead climbing, climbing with automatic reels. So many possibilities offered by Cortigrimpe74 that do not require the same technical skills.


Conditions of access to the room

- Forbidden for children under 4

- Between 4 and 12 years, mandatory accompanied byone paying adult (family packages are available) - For children under 16 unaccompanied: access to block only Parental consent


Rules of procedure

The rules for the use of the hall that you will have to read and validate before going climbing!

Rules of procedure


Conditions of access to the "Rope".

- Access to the rope access area is reserved for those with appropriatebelay,rope-tie and safety skills.

- Access is only possible with equipment to current standards.


Thank you to the partners of Cortigrimpe74 who trust us!