Month: September 2023

Corti Thursday #3

Learn the block parade on Thursday with Ugo and Louis! 🧗‍♀️Leur mission? Teach you to parry and fall outdoors!"After creating a boulder on the outdoor wall, you can learn to climb boulders outdoors. Thanks to Mammut for the loan of equipment 👌

Corti Thursday #2

This Thursday get ready to climb to music with DJ Alex! 😎 And, after the effort... The comfort !!! Well, you'll have to get your hands dirty (or rather, on the grill)! We're putting you at the controls of the plancha to grill sausages, merguez and cereal patties. 🌭🔥

Corti Thursday #1

The Cortigrimpe parties are back! Small change... Corti Tuesdays become Corti Thursdays 🤩 Yes, we'll let you try out the new boulders on Tuesdays and organize special evenings for you on Thursdays. 😌 This Thursday, we're offering a Method'man evening with our chief host, Ugo!...
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