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🔥Inscriptions adult courses grande voie!

Registration is now open for adult courses on major routes! These courses are brought to you by @moniteurs.du.corti 😉

🔥Inscriptions for adult courses!

Registration for adult courses is now open! These courses are offered by @moniteurs.du.corti 😉

🤩 CRIMP'OIL massage oil on sale at Corti

Do you have recurring joint pain after your climbing sessions? We've got just what you need! Corti offers you recovery products, including Crimp Oil Arnica massage oil: "Crimp Oil 'Arnica' is composed of 7 organic essential oils and CO2 extract of Arnica, and quickly relieves joint pain and...
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🤩Repair balm on sale at Corti!

Having trouble getting your skin back after your 15 weekly climbing sessions? We've got just what you need 🔥Corti offers you recovery products, including Kletter Retter Repair Balm: "KletterRetter Repair Balm helps accelerate your skin's recovery.Composed of a skilful blend of beeswax, beeswax...
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Adult courses 🧗‍♂️

Because we train adults too! At Cortigrimpe, we train adults on cliffs and long routes 🔥 We work with small numbers of good professionals to teach you safely and with quality to help you become autonomous 🚀 ! ⭐ This summer we're offering adults advanced courses in cliff climbing and big...
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Public holidays MAY ☀️

It's time to unveil our special May schedules

☀️Stages adults may-june 🧗‍♂️

The Corti guides and instructors offer a climbing course for adults at Cortigrimpe 74. This course will introduce you to bouldering and route climbing or help you improve your skills. DATES & TIMETABLE:May 4 2024, from 14:00 to 16:001 June 2024, from 14:00 to 16:00 June 8 2024, from 14:00 to 16:0015...
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What are Corti Thursdays? 🤔

Every Thursday evening, Corti offers you a themed evening: concerts, contests, speakers, method'man, themed meals and film screenings! To find out more about upcoming evenings, stay tuned on the networks or drop by reception!

🔥Corti x Gaston partnership 🧗‍♂️

Spring is here, and with it a breath of fresh air at Corti! Today we'd like to introduce you to our new partner, Gaston! What is Gaston? It's an application that lets you enter your bouldering sessions at Corti and track your progress. You can also share your exploits...
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Corti openings 🛠️

Every Tuesday, a new block area is renewed. But who's in charge? Our head opener Noé! And every week, his opening team-mate changes to create a wide variety of moves for you. There are 7 sectors in all, so you can work on your projects for around 7 weeks!