Month: October 2023

Corti Thursday #9

🥾Yard sale alert 🧥 Our lost and found chests are bursting at the seams! All these unclaimed objects need new owners! We're holding a yard sale this Thursday, November 2. Clothes, shoes, harnesses, water bottles... come and find what you're looking for, and pay waht you like. Everything...
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Corti Thursday #8

🩹Special Physiotherapist evening 🩹 This Thursday, come massively to benefit from pieces of advice from Lisa, a climbing physiotherapist. A member of the French climbing team staff, she's also Corti's new neighbor in the physiotherapists' practice! On the menufor this first session: This session will be followed by two evenings with Lisa...
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Corti Thursday #7

🧗Session grimpe et discusion Yambi🗣️ Thursday, October 19 from 5pm, come and share a climbing session with members of the @yambi.asso association! An opportunity to exchange ideas and share a convivial moment around our common passion for climbing and the mountains! 🌍

Corti Thursday #6

Michel Lanne, a key figure in French trail running, needs no introduction. This time, with the help of his mate Nico Favre, he has cooked up a rather special episode of his Fringale webseries. The project: to link two of Haute Savoie's most famous landmarks on foot, namely the "flaque d'Annecy" and the "gros...
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Corti Thursday #5


Corti Thursday #4

We're organizing a sausage contest on the moonboard in Corti on September 28!